Hello world! I have a blog!


Writing a blog is something I have been thinking about for a while. I love to write, I love to travel and I love to be involved in my community so I figured I might as well combine the lot in a way that can hopefully help people on their own journeys.

A bit of what you can expect.

I want to convey the vibe of an area and introduce you to some of the places that I think are a bit trendy. I hope that through my stories you will be able to say ‘hey! That sounds like somewhere I would like to go’.

I want to create a one stop shop for travellers, like when you go to a hostel and get chatting to a fellow traveller who gives you advice. I want to be that knowledgeable traveller.

I am really interested in discussing great musicians, artists, festivals and community groups. There are some great people out there with amazing talents that I want you to discover with me.

So welcome, I hope you enjoy your stay!


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