Here: Cat Power at the Chevron Festival Gardens

27 February 2013

Perth International Arts Festival

The best time of year to be in Perth is during the International Arts Festival and this year was no exception, especially since it coincided with the Fringe World Festival.

The Perth Cultural Centre (between Roe, Beaufort, Francis and William Streets in Northbridge) was absolutely buzzing in February and at times it was difficult to choose what shows to see. For me, Cat Power was a standout.

Cat Power has had a fragile relationship with the people of Perth after a bad show at the Fly By Night Musicians Club in 2010 where she left the stage after only 20mins.

This time she took to the stage with short peroxide blonde hair and all our doubts faded because you can be sure of one thing, Cat Power can sing.

The majority of her songs came from her recently released album, Sun and when she applied herself songs such as ‘Manhattan’ were so memorising that you couldn’t look away.

At some points it felt like the back up singer was leading the charge and we later learned why as Cat Power declared “I pulled those magical things out of my ears and now everything sounds sooo different”.

It appears that Cat Power can do no wrong in our eyes, and the zaniness of the performance only made the show for those I spoke to who have come to both expect and love her performances.

The Chevron Festival Gardens were full to the brim and considering that this was the second show she performed in Perth for the Festival, there is no doubt she can pull a crowd. Chevron Festival Garden

The overall winner on the night was the Chevron Festival Gardens that have gone from strength to strength by adding an organic kitchen to an expansive bar and the open-air ambiance that only Perth’s weather could deliver.

The Perth International Arts Festival runs for a month in February every year. If you miss out on tickets or are light on cash you can always sit in the garden outside the stage (entrance is free) and have a drink, it’s a great place to hang out.


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