Here: ANZAC Day in Perth

Sunrise at the Kings Park war memorial.

Sunrise at the Kings Park war memorial.

In Australia the 25 April is the ANZAC Day public holiday.

ANZAC stands for Australian and New Zealand Army Corps and on the 25 April 1915 these forces landed in Gallipoli, Turkey as part of World War I. Over 8000 Australian soldiers died during this campaign.

Every year Australians attend events all over the world to remember the soldiers who fought in World War I and all the wars since.

A number of Dawn Services are held throughout Perth but the biggest is held at the war memorial in KingsPark. Last year over 36000 people attended the service that commemorates the exact time when ANZAC troops landed on the shores of Gallipoli.

It is both amazing and eerie to watch the sun rise over Perth city to the sound of the bugle. It is dark when you arrive but as it gets lighter you realise you are completely surrounded by hundreds of people in complete silence paying their respects.

Kings Park is by far the most beautiful park in Perth and a fitting place for the service. You wont get a better view of the city, Swan River, South Perth and even the far off Darling Ranges.

The Kings Park Dawn Service will commence at 6am and is followed by a free breakfast in the Stirling Gardens on St Georges Terrace. It is best to arrive early to ensure a good view of both the proceedings and the sunrise because the park fills up.

The ANZAC Day March begins at 9.30am on St Georges Terrace and enters the Supreme Court Gardens for the ANZAC Day Service at 11am.

For information on where services are being held, public transport options and road closures please visit the ANZAC Day event information on the RSL website.

If you don’t attend the service be sure to visit Kings Park at some point during your stay in Perth.


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