There: Photographing the beach at Bol

Zlatni Rat at Bol, Brac Island

Zlatni Rat at Bol, Brac Island

Zlatni Rat is known as the most photographed beach in Croatia and as soon I arrived I could see why.

Translating to Golden Horn, the iconic beach is found in the town of Bol, a once sleepy little hamlet situated on the south coast of Brac island.

Travelling to the Croatian islands before the high season can be a tad difficult as there are less ferries travelling along the coast per day so be sure to check out the timetables in advance.

Due to limited time (and very little planning) it needed to be a day trip for us but there are resorts, a hostel, restaurants and nightlife a plenty for those who want to stay longer.

Arriving by ferry, the island is about an hour ride from Split harbour. You will land at the town of Supetar and then it’s a 40 minute bus or taxi to the beach. There is a bus timetable at the Supetar port but if you have enough people (or happen to befriend some at the port) the price for a taxi is comparable.

When I found out about the situation of ferry plus taxi or bus and back again it all sounded too difficult for a day at the beach but you shouldn’t be worried, it is super easy.

Zlatni Rat beach, Bol, Croatia

Have you ever seen such crystal clear water?

Zlatni Rat is special because it is essentially a bar of small white pebbles that juts out into the water. There are none of the towering cliffs and rocky outcrops that you will find along the southern coast of the country, closer to Dubrovnik. The charm of Zlatni Rat is the long sweeping beach with 360 degree views of the ‘bluer than blue’ Adriatic and other islands in the distance.

The longer I spent in Croatia the more I loved the Adriatic Sea. At Bol the crystal clear and dead flat water’s high salt content meant you could float all day without a care in the world.

We took sandwiches from Split for lunch but there is a cute bar in the centre of the beach under the trees where you can grab a beer and get out of the sun. I wasn’t that impressed by the food in Croatia (its mostly pizza and pasta – like Italy but salty) but the beer is delicious and pretty cheap!

A word of warning to avoid the nudist beach (unless you are into that sort of thing). Either way it is found at the bay on the right of Zlatni Rat when facing the sea. We took a couple of photos of the landscape without realising there were also naked bodies in them!

The view from the ferry back to Split

The view from the ferry back to Split

After a big day of lazing around the beach we headed back to Split the way we came watching the sun setting behind the Islands. Croatia really is a stunning place.


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