Dreaming of Summer in Europe

Sunset at Oia, Santorini Island, Greece

Sunset at Oia, Santorini Island, Greece

The colder weather in Australia only reminds me that it will soon be warming up in Europe.  So in honour of that here and there will be featuring European Adventures throughout the month of June.

Summer in Europe really kicks off in July so I hope that by the end of June you will have plenty of advice to have your own great European Adventure.

I have spent a couple of summers in Europe and can vouch for the fabulous beaches, delicious foods and abundance of culture and history. Whether you are chasing a party in Spain, the glamour in France, the craic in Ireland or the beaches in Greece, Europe makes for a diverse and fabulous trip.

It really is an ideal time to visit with prices dropping throughout the continent and a relatively good exchange rate. Plus with plentiful transport options you can be assured that there is always a way to get to the next location!

Feel free to get involved  by sending me your questions, comments,  tips and opinions  about the fabulous continent of Europe!

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